Thrace™ has a triple-whammy market approach in establishing us a world rugby brand.

We are total impact by having a rugby social networking facility on our homepage, Rugga Chat ports to android so rugby-men and woman chat from fields worldwide on your smart-phones. A huge audience is drawn to the Thrace™ portal and this is why your website will be viewed by the largest world audience.

Thrace Rugby™’s sole design, intent, view, purpose, flavour, theme and focus is to move rugby culture into rugby business/equity.

The corporate new world of rugby lap-top millionaires meet here and that being primarily through your web presence. The free Rugga Chat facility and free web-based rugby-branded email service inspires the rugga world to our page. Thrace Rugby™ would share ideas and network the entire Kingdom of Rugby in this triple-whammy approach to one portal.

The many and diverse rugby-playing nations at Clubs worldwide effectively share boutique space. Your web page will have the facility within to translate into many languages of the world – therefore NO rugby boundaries. This standard features is on all YOUR pages.

By being within the Thrace Rugby Group™ family – effectively a shareholder in brand Thrace™ – your team, league, school, club, college, etc. becomes strategically allianced with the biggest emerging world rugby brand. You will have the largest presence imaginable.

So here’s to all you rugby disciples, enthusiasts, adherents and advocates.

Lastly, we would envisage traffic to your website being saturating – WHY – due to our offering the free rugby chat and email service. The Thrace Rugby™ page will have the hugest footprint.

A standard feature on YOUR page will be a web-counter and that would attest to the above!

ThraceRugby™ – establishing as the “twitter” of the rugby world. Specialist and targeted rugby social networking.