After intense vituperative support, rugby football, somehow miraculously continues to espouse the great and wonderful values of fair play and sportsmanship. Its adherents seem able to accept their losses and react magnanimously to their foes. It’s one of the reasons why this game commands such respect and attracts admirers worldwide. For, in an era of vulgarity and brutality, rugby offers society another, altogether more sophisticated path down which adversaries can discuss and settle differences of opinion. Sublimating passions in an innocuous way. When all things are considered, might this not be rugby’s greatest attribute?

Here’s to rugby bon-homme and the best of bacchanalian spirits, le Chaim.

As time passes the legend grows. Distance lends enchantment to the view – record your history. Congratulations in advance.

We seek to be, by any measure, the new guard of rugby commerce. This goal must acknowledge and draw on the energies and commitment of our partners and shareholders – YOU. We seek global impact – going into all the world. Our vision is quickened from on high, hence the out of the box and totally outward focused thinking. To lay hold we rely not only on our feeling and emotion but also a nexus of your rugby passion, faith and mien of force – together we are a collective of rugby fiefdoms – a restless tribe and driven – original, lateral and forward thinking. Our joint core competency is rugby.

There is a time and a method for every enterprise. Thrace™ websites represent colleges, clubs, towns, villages, rugby fiefdoms and nations. Thrace™ – a boundless rugby realm.

Your website will capture the intoxication that comes from your club’s achievements, bring your club/team annals to the world – here’s to all those redoubtable exponents of the greatest world sport.

We need heroes, national heroes. Nothing defines a nation more than their poets and sportsmen and, in our case, rugby men. See the New Zealand example. That country is defined by their rugby team. The Sport of Princes offers us that. The Thrace Rugby™ brand will become as synonymous as a Donald and a duck or a beer and rugby or beef and beer! Here be princes and kings within the Sport of Princes.

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Thrace™ would break down the national frontiers within the Kingdom of Rugby. Anybody within the rugger world would need to be at this one central rugby point.