Chairman: Xavier Vilasetru
President: Xavier Vilasetru
Union Website:
Union Email: N\A
Union Address: Casal de l’Esport Andorra la Vella ANDORRA AD500 ANDORRA
Union Phone: N\A
Union Fax: N\A


Number Of Clubs: 2
Number Of Registered Players: 213
Number of Referees: 1
Pre-teen Male Players: 70
Pre-teen Female Players: 5
Teen Male Players: 65
Teen Female Players: 4
Senior Male Players: 54
Senior Female Players: 15
Total Male Players: 189
Total Female Players: 24


Primary Coaches Training Contact: Christian Cerqueda
Primary Coaches Training Email:
Primary Referees Training Contact: Bernard Vives
Primary Referees Training Email: N\A
Primary Womens Training Contact: Mariona Vila
Primary Womens Training Email:
Primary Youth Training Contact: Josep Castellon
Primary Youth Training Email:

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