Chairman: NA
President: Aleksandar Mitrovic
Union Website:
Union Email:
Union Address: Terazije 35

11000 SERBIA

Union Phone: +381113245743
Union Fax: +3813245743


Number Of Clubs: 12
Number Of Registered Players: 1352
Number of Referees: 25
Pre-teen Male Players: 273
Pre-teen Female Players: 72
Teen Male Players: 360
Teen Female Players: 19
Senior Male Players: 605
Senior Female Players: 23
Total Male Players: 1238
Total Female Players: 114


Primary Coaches Training Contact: NA
Primary Coaches Training Email: NA
Primary Referees Training Contact: NA
Primary Referees Training Email: NA
Primary Womens Training Contact: NA
Primary Womens Training Email: NA
Primary Youth Training Contact: NA
Primary Youth Training Email: NA