Why Advertise With Us

Thrace Rugby endeavors to be one of the world’s biggest rugby brands, a dedicated portal to the Culture of Rugby.

Why advertise with us?

Well, as we establish we hope to become synonymous with the Sport of Princes and the</em> presence for all that pertains to. As we go into the 150 countries that have rugby programs, the traffic we envisage will be substantial and the footprint worldwide. For the prospective advertiser we offer multiple points of return.

1. Your advert will be displayed on all the Thrace Rugby™ pages and as we said our footprint is the entire Kingdom of Rugby.

2. Your advert will be displayed on the email interface page – this will have huge traffic by dint of the nature of it being a free web-based email service. This email service is available not only to those requiring a rugby branded email address ( to show their rugger allegiance) but to the broader public as per a user Gmail account, for example.

3. Your advert will displayed on the RuggaChat interface page which will have huge traffic as it is a mobile and web real-time interactive social-networking chat service catering to and for the rugby world. On fields, with teams, at games and in stadia. When you see texting on the sidelines of a match in progress, chances are they will be on RuggaChat!

4. Your advert will appear on your own team/club website. You will have the option to “Only show MyAds on my site”. This is great incentive to the prospective rugby website owner as it affords a money generating option for the Thrace websiteowner. Your rugby fiefdom, sorry website, will charge your local business for exposure – a great synergistic strategic alliance to be sure!

Your ad clicks and times displayed are recorded and you see your stats.